What Are The Standard Patio Door Size


Standard Patio Door Size – Patio doors are commonly created from standard size options. Determine if you want sliding and also folding doors to consider the available dimensions. If you are replacing the patio doors you already have one dimension to fill with standard options.

Patio doors with sliding style, Sliding doors normally come in three standard patio door size dimensions. Choose from over 60 inches with a frame size of 59 1/2 by 79 1/2 inches, 72 inches with a frame size of 71 1/2 by 79 1/2 inches or 96 inches with a frame size of 95 by 1/2 79 1/2 inches. Sizes vary slightly among manufacturers.

Swing patio doors. The standard patio door size dimensions of a set of hinged doors are 71 1/4 inches by 79 inches 1/2. At least one, but usually as much, of the doors will open in an articulated set. Personalized patio doors. Custom patio doors can vary depending on what you want. If you already have a space available, then choose the door depending on the size. Otherwise you can decide if you want three or more door panels instead of the two conventional ones. Or choose interesting shapes such as arch tops.


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