Replacement Sliding Patio Screen Door ideas


Replacement Sliding Patio Screen Door – Correctly functioning curtains on sliding glass doors are necessary for both integrity and safety reasons and for controlling solar heating. But ordinary curtain bars with a console in the middle do not allow you to drag drapes all the way. Fortunately, there are several options for replacement.

Vertical blinds

Replacement Sliding Patio Screen Door are strips of plastic or other stiff material that hang down from a groove mounted at the top of the door. Each strip can rotate 90 degrees to either block the view or you can see through the door. A magic wand or other control rotates all the strips in unison. The individual strips can also slide down the length of the track.

Honeycomb Shades

Replacement Sliding Patio Screen Door not only blocks light but also increases the R value of the door. Sliding glass doors are a problem area for heat loss, but honey shake shades incorporate air spaces inside the shadow to isolate the inner space when it is closed. The shades are available in both horizontal and vertical sliding styles. Shades that slide aside make it easier to use the door; those who slide upside down must be mounted far enough above the top of the door to prevent barred access when rising.


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