Patio Door with Dog Door: To Install a Dog Door in Sliding Patio Doors


Have patio door with dog door is a nice idea. Terrace or patio door dog doors come in a variety of styles. They can be permanently attached using tools that screw it directly into the slot of the patio door. Or through doors that do not use screws and can be removed and taken with you if you move. You want to install a dog door in sliding patio doors?

So, it’s not a difficult project. Things you should are patio dog door, droplet and screw screwdriver. While how about the instruction to installing dog door to be a patio door with dog door? It is starting by buy a patio dog door that’s big enough for your pet to easily pass through. Second, set your patio dog door in place and make sure it is slanted against the side of the door frame.

Third, adjust the height of your patio dog door. So that it fits into the inner frame of your existing patio doors. Do this by adjusting the top and bottom so that they are inside the frame. Attach dog dies with spring loaded mechanism. Or use metal plate‚Äôs screws to secure it in place if included with your dog door kit. And the last, close your patio door so it’s stuck tight against your new patio dog door. Lock the patio door with dog door with the existing lock to secure it to the dog door.


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