Adjusting Rollers Sliding Patio Screen Door


Sliding Patio Screen Door – It may be necessary to adjust the rollers on a patio screen door to remove it. Or simply get it to roll easily and fit against the jamb. Enjoy the convenience of sliding screens that works by adjusting the rollers for maximum performance. Locate the adjustment of the roller fixing screws. The adjusting screw for a roller can protrude above the wheel. Or set in a hole in the frame that is on the edge that meets the jamb or side of the frame.

Determine what way to turn the screw assembly to move the sliding patio screen door roller in and out. Set screws above the wheel and in holes the edge jamb moves the rollers out with a right turn and retract with left turns. Fixing screws on the side of the frame often move the rollers outwards with turns to the left. Turn the adjustment screw on a lower roller with a flat head screwdriver. And observe the frame to see if it rises or falls.

Position the screen door. Use the jamb to set the level screen door and at the correct height. Make the door meet the jamb uniformly from top to bottom with the lock at the height of the locking bar. Adjust the upper and lower rollers to allow the sliding of the sliding patio screen door easily from this position.


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