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Bellflower - a film by Evan Glodell

Tyler Dawson

Tyler Dawson

Tyler Dawson  “Aiden” Born in Vancouver, Canada, Tyler Dawson began doing local theater at a young age and transitioned into film and television as a teenager.In 2000, Tyler moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.! Midway through his studies he was diagnosed with a rare liver disease which forced him […]

Jessie Wiseman

Jessie Wiseman

Jessie Wiseman – Role of Milly Born and raised in Ojai, California, Jessie Wiseman started acting at 15 with a theater group called, THEATER 150, led by her acting coach and mentor, Kim Maxwell.! Jessie honed her craft in over 30 performances, most of them from her own written material. It was a six-week run […]


Evan Glodell

EVAN GLODELL  WRITER / DIRECTOR / “WOODROW” Originally from Wisconsin, Evan moved to California in his early 20s with a group of close friends to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker.! He and his brother started the Brothers Glodell which would grow to have a huge Internet cult following for their quirky and humorous […]



JONATHAN KEEVIL – ORIGINAL MUSIC / EDITOR Jonathan Keevil grew up in Vancouver, Canada. He graduated from the Concordia University Film Production Program in Montreal, Quebec in 2005. His continued pursuit of a career in the film world led him to California in 2007 where he met Writer/Director Evan Glodell through his childhood friend Tyler Dawson […]


Bell Flowe Movie Cast Crew :- MEDUSA Controlled from the dashboard: Two fuel injected exhaust flamethrowers with a 30,000-volt ignition system Smoke screen Bleach drift-kit Adjustable rear suspension Loudspeaker intercom system Three surveillance cameras 6-71 Supercharger Custom apocalypse exhaust system Posi rear end Self-contained oxygen supply for chemical or underwater warfare Roll cage, stow-able fold-down […]


Joel Hodge Director of Photography

JOEL HODGE DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Determined to always “get the shot” when lensing a project, Joel Hodge has risked both life and limb in his pursuit to capture the unique look that sets Coatwolf apart from the mainstream. Working as director of photography, storyboard artist, camera operator!and editor,!his aesthetic contributions and his do-or-die attitude have […]

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